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Sleigh Bells and Supply Chains: Lack of Visibility During the Holidays

What’s the biggest obstacle for execs during the holiday season? Lack of visibility & comms w vendors

Supply Chain Risk Disconnect

New report out today finds major disconnect among C-suite execs about risk, resulting in over $1M loss

The Necessary Elements of Corporate Innovation

“Command & control style management doesn’t work in the innovation arena.” A shared network approach is the future


Why You Need to Switch to a Customer Centric Supply Chain to Stay Competitive

Why customer centricity is crucial for staying competitive in

Amateur Hour in Education

College Distrupted author on amateur hour in education

The Limits of Deliberate Practice

For to be effective, it must be relevant to work & transferred directly into practice on the job

Using Supply Chains to Grow Your Business

5 tips for how to tap into to successfully scale up your business via

From The Top Down: 4 Ways Leaders Can Shape a Positive Company Culture

Want more productive and fulfilled employees? 4 ways leaders can shape a positive company culture:

38 Percent Of Supply Chain Executives Lack Proper Visibility During The Holidays

38% of execs lack proper visibility during the holidays, explains the main challenges:

Supply Chain Study Reveals Inadequate Processes

Nearly 1/3 of processes are inadequate – , understanding requirements is a major challenge

What Do Supply Chain Professionals Need to Know About Sustainability Reporting?

On ‘sustainability reporting’ – What is it and what do professionals need to know about it: via

Why Organizations Don’t Learn

Why orgs don’t learn: breaks down the 4 biases that interfere with learning and how to counter them

How The Internet Of Things Will Streamline The Supply Chain

Interesting read via on how the will improve efficiency in the future of

Digital Bootcamp Brings Military-Style Leadership Training to the Fortune 5000

We’re excited to join @Thayer Leader Development Group at WestPoint this a.m @NASDAQ to announce our new military-style #leadershipdev course in honor of #VeteransDay

The Skills Shortage Facing Global Supply Chains

The answer may not be to change who we work with but to revolutionize the way we work them #softskills #supplychain 

Where is Goal Clarity in Supply Chain Organizations?

“Success for #supplychain leaders depends on building an org that can translate its performance into clear goals” 

Leadership Development

Why your #leadershipdevelopment programs should incorporate strategic “thinking” vs planning  @BLR_HR

3 ways millennials are shifting the #supplychain

3 ways millennials are shifting the #supplychain approach: the internet, #bigdata, marketing & sales via @FastCasual

Managing Talent Costs with Talent Analytics Technology

Leadership and workforce skills gap remain top of mind for today’s business leaders  via @WSJ #talentmanagement

Three Sources of Big Data to Curb Supply Chain Risk

Interesting read via @CFO: Three Sources of #BigData to Curb #SupplyChain Risk #SCM 


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