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Machine Learning for Supply Chain Efficiencies

How to apply #machinelearning to achieve greater #supplychain efficiency: via @logisticsviewpt

Robots On A Mission: Agents Of Change In Manufacturing

100 years after the automated assembly line, it’s time for the kind of change that #robots can bring #supplychain

To Go Digital, Leaders Have to Change Some Core Beliefs

Why real #digitaltransformation requires biz leaders to change both their mental and business models: @HBRexchange

So Your Industry Is Changing. Now What?

When your industry undergoes change, here are your next steps: via @Inc #changemanagement #CEOchat

The Shift to Digitizing Supply Chain Operations

New report finds more #supplychain orgs want to go go digital, but few have strategies in place

Big Data Analytics and the Evolution of the Supply Chain

How #bigdata can identify opportunities & revolutionize #SCM in nearly any organization: via @TechCoHQ #supplychain

Closing the gap between seeing and doing for corporate supply chains

Closing the gap between seeing and doing for corporate #supplychains via @GreenBiz #bigdata #transparency

End of Hamburger U


3 habits of thinking that effective leaders must unlearn

Interesting read, 3 habits of thinking that effective leaders must unlearn: by @PLVistageChair via @LinkedIn

6 Ways to Prevent a Future Talent Shortage

6 Ways to Prevent a Future Talent Shortage (hint: they all involve helping our disadvantaged youth): via @Inc

3 Ways to Show ROI From Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions

3 Ways to Show ROI From #SupplyChain Risk Management Solutions: via @spendmatters #SCM

The Secret to Supply Chain Success

3 core principles to promote an entrepreneurial culture in #supplychain: alertness, decisiveness, flexibility @SCMR

Higher Minimum Wages Will Have Impact on Supply Chain Management

[endif]Interesting read on how higher minimum wages will have an impact on #SCM via @SCMR #supplychain

Bridging the Supply Chain Talent Gap

To bridge the #supplychain talent gap, companies must explore all avenues to fill vacancies @SCBrain #inclusion

What is the correct formula for supply chain success?

“Done properly, transportation & #supplychain is invisible within a good company” @askBBT T. Albrecht @LogisticsMgmt

Three Significant Supply Chain Challenges Executives are Facing

Every #supplychain exec faces these 3 challenges according to @ism CEO Tom Derry on @IndustryWeek 

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Supply chain management: What businesses need to know

What should businesses really know about #SCM? @itProP breaks it all down from the shake-up of #IoT to #bigdata

10 Reasons to Clean Up Your Supply Chain

Why is it important to clean up your #supplychain@SupplyChainD provides the top 10 reasons (save $$$ & the planet)

Overcoming 5 Major Supply Chain Challenges with Big Data

Overcoming 5 major #supplychain challenges with #bigdata analytics: via @ComputerWorld @AntoniaRenner

Focusing on education to improve supply chain innovation

Why today’s key industry leaders are deepening & improving education in their logistics & #supplychain operations


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