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How Businesses Can Support a Circular Economy

@HarvardBiz provides recap of #COP21, citing 3 ways to successfully employ a circular #SupplyChain

How are Millennials and Predictive Analysis Set to Change Supply Chains?

New study from @eyefortransport reveals #millennials & #predictiveanalytics have the biggest impact on #supplychain

Farewell to HamburgerU?

Thx @AMANet for posting my piece “Farewell to HamburgerU” on the key attributes of impactful #corporatelearning 

Unprepared Supply Chains Are ‘Driving Blindfold’ Toward Disaster

What’s the biggest risk to global #supplychain today? @SCBrain on how unpreparedness & unawareness leads to disaster

Supply Chain Identity Crisis

What will it take to launch the next generation of #supplychain leaders? New @SCM_World rankings to reveal: @Forbes 

Education Technology Graduates From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Good read by @natashanyt on shift of #edtech investments from K12 to #highered startups & skill development

Using Technology To Create Safe And Ethical Retail Supply Chains

Inspiring read on how tech is creating safe and ethical via

The Dilemma

On the shift to digital : “[It] will require courage, leadership & a commitment to process innovation.”

Let go of control for more engaged employees

@CIOonline on increasing productivity in the workplace – “Let go of control for more engaged employees”

Supply Chain Visibility: Chasing the Big Picture

Visibility in #supplychain has moved from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have & the need continues to grow @ILMagazine 

Bridging the generation gap

Bridging the Generation Gap: How to appeal to the digital natives v. digital migrants via

4 Ways to Become a Better Learner

For today’s biz leaders to sustain success, they must develop learning agility–new @HBRexchange explains here:

Collaborative Overload

New report recommends a number of ways employers can improve the distribution of collaborative tasks

What’s Wrong with Demand Forecasting?

What’s Wrong with Demand Forecasting? shares 2 important outputs of demand forecasting:

4 Reasons Why Leaders Should Emulate Military Intelligence Training When Dealing With Big Data

More on the use of military leadership approaches in today’s businesses, applying intelligence training with 

5 Data-Driven Supply Chain Challenges to Overcome in 2016

Top 5 data-driven challenges to overcome in 2016 via

What does it take to attract Millennial talent?

What does it take to attract Millennial talent? Facebook shares what they know about engaging the new generation:

Is Your Supply Chain Ready for the New Interest Rate Environment?

Is Your Ready for the New Interest Rate Environment? suggests a few tactics to act on now

How Businesses Can Prioritize and Develop Sustainable Supply Chains

How can businesses develop sustainable ? New article in reveals:

Five Supply Chain Predictions For 2016

In 2016, transparency, quality & sustainability will take priority in . For other predictions,


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